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About Jie-Eun:

Jie-Eun Hwang is a research associate at Northeastern University School of Architecture. Her major expertise reflects spatial representation in balance between design practice and computation research. She earned her degree of Doctor of Design at Harvard University in 2007. Her doctoral dissertation, “Heuristic Nolli Map: A machine learning approach for interpreting urban morphology”, examined an intelligent system that contributed to architects and urban designers, by providing a domain specific knowledge representation mechanism. In prior years, she has participated in a vast range of interdisciplinary research projects, including virtual reality (in Virtual Reality Research Center, KAIST, Korea), cyber museum (in Imaging Media Research Center, KIST, Korea), locative media (in The Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and geographic information system (in Center for Design Informatics, Harvard University).

Research Interest:

Spatiality is the core of Jie-Eun’s research interests: how physical space can be built, how physical space and social space are related, how physical and social space can be represented in virtual space. Along with her careers in Interior Design, Architecture, Design Computing, Virtual Reality, and Urban Informatics, she has been exploring diverse aspects of Spatiality. She is fascinated with rapidly emerging new technology as an innovative vehicle to change our environment physically, socially and virtually.


Urban Informatics, Ubiquitous City, Urban Design, Mobile Technology, Design Computing, Architecture, Geographic Information System, Environmental Psychology



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